Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Tiffany's Story:
Diagnoses: Bipolar with Anxiety and Personality disorders
Age at the time: 35
Living in: Arkansas
Treated in: Little Rock, AR

In 2006 I was under a lot of stress, husband that wouldn't work, kids in BIG trouble - like getting locked up and sent to hospitals, one of them even had to go to a Boot Camp for his probation...he was only 14. I was handling all of it with the help of my meds. Or I thought I was. Well out of the clear blue sky I went catatonic. Catatonia was a totally altered reality. I thought I was on a cruise and all the people in the hospital with me were with me out on the high seas...I was actually in restraints in a hospital bed with an IV to feed me. The doctors and my husband decided that I needed ECT treatments; Shock Therapy. If I ever see that Dr again I will happily cut his throat!! They anesthitize you then they hook you to a machine that causes you to seize. Before they put you to sleep they attach electrodes to your head and your torso and put a guard in your mouth so you don't bite your tongue off. They gave me a total of 9 treatments which meant I had to stay in the mental hospital for 3 weeks cuz they only did it every other day and not weekends. They got their time off from torturing people. That was 7 years ago and I am still having side effects like almost no short term memory. I can't remember something someone said to me just a few hours before. I will always have nightmares from the experience I'm sure. The Dr had long white hair and the woman doing the anesthesia had a poison ivy tattoo that went from her left shoulder all the way down to her hand.
DON'T ever let anyone do that to you. No one should ever be subjected to that. No matter how crazy they are.

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