Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Jaisen's Story:

Age: 45
Location: Australia

My mother doesn't understand me. I have had bipolar since my late teens and it has been a constant battle for me. I was physically beaten by my mother as a child and teenager, and she even had a go at me when I was 28. I have to admit, I was always scared of my emotional mood swings, but never really understood them and I did not actually get diagnosed with bipolar until I was 38. I'm now 45. My journey had been a long and hard one - and I am only just now stabilising on my medication after several years of trial and error on several different drug combinations. I have four children with special needs. And I have tried very hard to explain my bipolar to my mother... but her question to me... What's the difference between Bipolar and Autism... *sigh*

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