Saturday, 4 January 2014

Donna's Story

My name is Donna Clayton and I am also mentally ill. 

I made it through most of my life thinking I was an alcoholic. I would binge drink(whilst manic). 

I had my first episode july of 2011. It lasted ten months. some time in jail and a whole lot of crazy. I needed no sleep and all I wanted was cigarettes and powerade and of course hang out with all my friends including God and Jesus. Towards the end I was smelling Hallucinations. If you looked Irish I smelt cabbage, ect.
I am schizoaffective bipolar 1, so schizoaffective hallucinations and bipolar Psychotic features at the same time. 

Manic Mania. I had acute mania by the time I got to hospital. took me 3 wks to somewhat stabilize and another month out to realize what I had been seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling was not real. 

The loss in the bipolar fire was great. No place to live, no money and no one that could really understand what I had just went through. 

Traumatized for life, shame, embarrassment and I was the crazy lady walking around my area doing crazy hand gestures and gods work.


  1. My experience was very similar. I was psychotic for a year, all alone. I never ended up in jail But it took me a month or so the realize real from truth as well. Same diagnosis, although I think I lean more towards simply bipolar 1. I still have times when I don't know what is real in my mind or not. I often feel i am reading peoples thoughts, that I know what they are thinking. Luckily I no longer have god delusions or suffer from many high manic states, but depression can easily grab me.
    I'm lucky my mom is really there for me. But the shame and embarrassment from the trauma can be very debilitating at time.

    1. P.T.S.D is the outcome of my episode. We are traumatized and every thing we went through is/was sureal. I hope I never have to experience another episode.

  2. @Insanity Could I post your story on here?