Saturday, 11 January 2014

Jack's Story

My story is sad but true  my uncle is an absolute nightmare. I love him and so does my brother.

So, he is 3 years older than my mom and her childhood was awful. He would beat my mom up and strike  out at my nana. When he would get in my nanas face, my mom would step in and protect my nana.

My nana was terrified of him My mom was not.she told me one time  Never to be afraid of anyone even if you were because that's when they become bullies.

Well, she went through her lil life the best that she could. My greatgrandad was my moms everything. She adored him felt like he was the only one that cared about her.

My nana made my mom keep my uncles secret of abuse and my mom never told anybody.

She lived in fear anld felt trapped inher own home. My mom tried to be her brothers friend, which was not a good idea.  He was suicidal and depressed even at a young age. My mom felt bad for him so she tried to help him out but he denied all the abuse

Which made my mom doubt her thoughts of his abuse. She got so sick of him picking on her  that she tuned out alot which cost her to almost repeat grade 3.

My greatgrandad died of bowel cancer when my mom was 11. She was devastated and went even backwards. She started stuttering, her moods changed, and her attitude was negative when I she was always positive My mom always smiled and laughed it off no matter what happened.

But she was so stressed out that at14 she was diagnosed with Crohns disease and Ankylosing Spondilitis (a rare form of Arthritis) She suffered until hospitalised at 19. My mom spent many months in the hospital

She was vey ill and at 20 they had to remove her large bowel which was a mistake because her body did not work for her   because a large bowel an organ you shouldn't take away from that patient

So the docs operated and life went on until she turned 21. She had to have an emergency surgery and ended up with an ileostomy. All the time her brother still abusing  her and her mom. My uncle has a lot of issues.He doesn't  like being told what to do with a job. So he hasn't worked for a very long time. Over 2 decades

My mom has brain damage from all the blows to her head over the years from her brother. My uncle claims to have bowel disease but he doesn't. He lies all the time He stutters worse than my mom. He says that he has migraines Idk about that. I do know tat he was beaten up twice . Both times by more  than one guy. So you could probably say his brain is damaged also

His last outburst was this past Christmas. My mom doesn't deal with her brother anymore I think its something that she should have done a long time ago but nana would always say to my mom thats she just wants her to get  along with her brother.

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