Monday, 3 March 2014

Jessica's story (US)

..I was diagnosed in 2007 with depressive disorders.. aka: bipolar disorder. 

I have taken lithium, seroquel, topamax, wellbutrin, abilify, Neurontin & Lamictal.. Neurontin & Lamictal are suppose to be my permanent meds however I stopped taking them when I overdosed on Lamictal. 

Scared me to pieces because I have have 2 children who need me. I thought I was going to die. I had separated from my husband and I took a handful of Lamictal to stop the pain but instead it made everything worse. It was awful. 

That was in 2010 & I haven't taken any meds since. I also haven't had any medical insurance so that has also kept me from seeking psychiatric help to have my meds adjusted..

Now that I am working & earning medical benefits, I will go be seen.. its not been easy but the past year I have just been focusing on my kids more & they help me tremendously. My daughter is 21 & my son is 10 and they keep me pretty busy which really helps. 

I also attend church when my kids aren't racing & that also helps me feel good.

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